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5 things every holistic mama needs for the winter

As the winter arrives, so do all the wonderful winter activities and yes, the cold and flu season as well. Staying healthy and maintaining a healthy home seems to become quite the daunting task for most mamas we speak to. Between the dreadful experience of the entire family caught in a seemingly endless cycle of cold or flu, that persistent sinus problem that doesn’t seem to go away, or the painfully dry skin of your junior skier child, winter can feel more like a chore than hibernation and rest reason.  

Maintaining a healthy and holistic household during the cold season is no small task for holistic mamas. Here we’ve outlined 5 winter wellness essentials that are both effective and safe for children and adults alike. 

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a special medicinal honey from New Zealand and one of our most treasured home remedies. Manuka honey has superb antibacterial and antifungal capabilities. It is used both internally as a medicine for inflammation, ulcers, and acid reflux, and externally to dress wounds, burns, and treat acne. Manuka honey is highly effective for treating sore throat in adults and children (over one-year-old) alike. Simply use one or two teaspoons allowing it to slowly drip down the throat, avoid foods or drinks 15 minutes before and after. Manuka honey comes in different levels of potency; we recommend a bioactive 20+ or 400+ MG quality. 

Calendula Salve

Calendula salve is made from marigold flowers and has superb healing qualities for the skin. Calendula has potent antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties making it a great remedy for irritated and dry skin and as such, it is our favorite on-the-go solution for dry skin. The cold and dry winter weather can irritate children’s soft and delicate skin even causing eczema. Calendula has deep soothing and hydrating qualities that help keep the skin moist and healthy naturally. Calendula salve is one of our must-have items when skiing on the slopes. 


Saline Nasal Spray

It is very important to keep sinuses and nasal passages moist during the dry and cold winter season. Although indoor humidifiers, steam showers, and Neti Pot rinses are all helpful for keeping sinuses moist and healthy, they are often not as effective or convenient as using an all-natural saline nasal spray. Saline nasal sprays not only keep the sinuses moist but they also help flush out irritants and pathogens that can cause congestion and colds. Saline nasal sprays are a big part of our winter wellness routine. When choosing a saline nasal spray, make sure that they do not contain any medicated decongestants as they can be dangerous for children and even adults if not used properly. Instead, opt-in for a nasal spray for kids without chemical additives. Saline nasal sprays are another must-haves we carry onto the slopes during our winter getaways. 


Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the craze in the natural wellness world these days and for good cause. They are some of the most ancient herbal medicines available to us and are made from extracting the essence of potent plants and herbs. Many essential oil extracts are used as a natural immune support remedy; our favorites are clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, sweet orange, thyme, rosemary, and lemon. Not all essential oils are safe to be taken internally, make sure you purchase only food-grade oils from a trusted source and ask the supplier if their formula is safe for children. Some essential oil companies make extract specifically for kids. 



Camu-Camu is a delicate yet potent fruit that grows in the upper Amazon, especially Peru. Camu-Camu is available in a pink powder form and is considered a superfood due to its powerful antiviral and antibacterial qualities. The anecdotal reports of camu-camu benefits are many but its verified benefits are mainly associated with its immune-boosting and antioxidant qualities due to its extremely high vitamin C content. We mix camu-camu with juice or water and take it regularly during wintertime as a family especially when our immune system needs an extra boost. Other reported benefits of camu-camu include adrenal support, feminine hormonal support, and help with conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, shingles, herpes, depression, headaches, and gum disease. 


Staying healthy during wintertime can be challenging especially for families but having the right products and knowledge available at the right time can make a big difference in the health and well-being of families. Try these suggestions this winter to give your family the best chance of fighting off winter sickness, irritations, and discomfort. 

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