Clear Revive

Natural Remedies for a natural balance.

Are you tired of congestion, stuffy noses, and sinus discomfort holding you back from living your best life? Say goodbye to those frustrating moments and hello to a breath of fresh air with Clear Revive All Natural Nasal Spray!

Why Clear Revive?

Clear Revive stands out for its commitment to a 100% natural formula that provides effective, non-habit-forming relief from nasal congestion and discomfort while being suitable for individuals of all ages. Its gentle and moisturizing properties make it a preferred choice for those seeking natural nasal care solutions.

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Clear Revive is a natural & effective nasal spray utilizing a scientifically synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals and botanicals which brings natural balance to your body and a dose of nirvana to your daily routine.

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All Natural

Pharmaceutical-free Clear Revive & Clear Revive Kids contains all-natural essential oils, minerals, and grapefruit seed extract, for fast, safe relief that WORKS!

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Scientifically Formulated

Our all-natural formula is scientifically formulated and tested for quality, safety, and efficacy. Clear Revive:

• Safe For Daily Use
• Recommended to Provide
• Comfort from Prolonged Pollution Exposure
• Does Not Cause Dependency
• Does Not Cause Drowsiness
• Safe For Use During Pregnancy
• Safe To Use Before/After Sinus Surgery

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It Works!

Clear Revive's all-natural formula delivers all the benefits without the adverse effects of other nasal sprays, medicated or saline. DON’T BELIEVE US? We are so confident that you'll love our formula that we offer you a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

What our customers say

"This spray is amazing. It's like an all natural magic spray. I do one small squirt in each nostril and within a minute I have to blow my nose and my nasal passages are clear, and remain clear. I use this once a day, in the morning. I will buy this again!"

– Adah, Amazon Customer

"This item arrived on time, in good condition and as described by the seller.. Great product highly recommended by my doctor. This keeps my nasal passages hydrated here in the desert. It helps to give relief with allergies."

– Jriorda, Amazon Customer

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