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How to get rid of mucus naturally

Whether you are dealing with the common cold, flu, or an especially intense episode of allergies, excessive mucus can be really unpleasant and uncomfortable. Our bodies naturally generate mucus to keep the respiratory system supported and protected from germs and allergens. When the respiratory system is inflamed and under attack, mucus production is increased and it becomes thick and uncomfortable as it grows to further protect the sinuses; this is when we experience congestion. 

Here we’ll share some of our favorite natural remedies for finding mucus relief, naturally. 

Humidify The Air

Keeping the air properly moist and humid is a critical part of protecting and supporting sinuses. Congestion is always worsened under dry conditions because it disrupts the natural balance of moisture in the sinuses causing an increase in mucus production in order to protect the sinuses. This is why we recommend using a humidifier during the cold and dry seasons to keep the balance of moisture in the air especially when experiencing excessive mucus. Taking a hot steamy shower can also help thin out mucus. 



Staying properly hydrated is especially important if you are experiencing congestion and excessive mucus production. Drinking plenty of liquids allows for the thinning of the mucus allowing it to drain properly and provide relief from congestion. We prefer hot soothing liquids like bone broth and hot decaf teas.  


Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the most potent natural remedies for respiratory health. It works by helping loosen mucus and allowing it to flow out of the body. The best way to use eucalyptus oil is by inhaling it, using it in a humidifier, or better yet, use an all-natural nasal spray that contains eucalyptus oil like Clear Revive. 


Eat Pineapple, Garlic, And Cardamom

Although there are a variety of healing foods used for relieving congestion, when the source of congestion is excessive mucus production, our go-to healing foods are pineapple, garlic, and cardamom. 

  • Incorporating garlic into your diet or simply swallowing a clove can help break down and expel excess mucus from the body. 
  • Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called bromelain that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that support the healing of the respiratory system including breaking down thick and excess mucus. 
  • Cardamom works by protecting mucus membranes from foods that promote mucus production effectively lowering overall mucus generation in the body.   

Use A Saline Nasal Spray

Saline nasal sprays are a great choice for getting rid of excess mucus. They work by keeping the nasal passages moist and by clearing out mucus from sinuses. When choosing a saline nasal spray it is very important to make sure that the formula does not contain medicated decongestants as they can be habit-forming and damaging to the tissue. Instead of medicated and dangerous formulas, opt-in for an all-natural non-medicated nasal spray like Clear Revive. 


Our bodies generate mucus naturally all the time but tend to produce more when we have a cold, flu, or severe allergies. Excessive mucus production, although uncomfortable, is often not a cause for concern and can be treated through natural home remedies. 

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