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Coughing Up Mucus: What You Should Know

Coughing Up Mucus: What You Should Know - Clear Revive
What did I just cough up and what do I do about it?
You are feeling bad, maybe coughing a lot. You may have no idea about what is wrong, you just feel bad. Your cough is not dry, but rather it’s got a bit of flehm to it. What does it mean if you cough isn’t dry? What does it mean if your cough has a bit of color to it? Searching the Internet for an absolute answer to your health issues usually means that you have discovered that you are dying. Unfortunately, online symptom research isn’t that accurate. 

However, it is absolutely important to understand the potential issues surrounding a symptom. Knowing the range of potential issues can help you make informed decisions on your own medical care. For a conclusive discussion you should always talk with a medical professional. Until then the discussion below outlines what it means to cough up mucus and what you can do to get some relief.

Coughing Up MucusCoughing Up Mucus
Coughing is a natural reflex. When your body starts to collect fluids in areas where there are not supposed to be fluids your body will naturally want to cough it up and out. It doesn’t have to be liquids. Your body could want to cough up allergens, dust, smoke, or any other irritant. Therefore, coughing can be a sign that your body is healthy and is effectively cleaning itself. Though there is the potential that the coughing is a result of your body’s overproduction of fluids. Coughing can be a sign of an underlying problem. Here are some common issues:

Acid Reflux
Fungal issues
Pneumonia, bronchitis or other long diseases

If you are coughing take notice of the circumstances. Determining what is wrong isn’t a simple test or analysis but an understanding of the totality of the circumstances. Is there an abundance of pollen in the air? Are you dusting? First, determine if it is a natural reaction to something you breathed in. If you absolutely know you are sick, you should add your other symptoms to the list and use coughing as another item on that list.

Coughing up a non-clear mucus is an indication that there might be an infection or some other issue. It is not determinative at all as there are many reasons your mucus might be a certain color. If you are feeling ill and your mucus isn’t clear, don’t ignore your health. Take action and get informed about how to improve your health.

Yellow & Green Mucus
Yellow or green mucus may indicate an infection in your respiratory tract. One of the reasons that mucus changes color is the production of defensive enzymes that your immune system is building and releasing into your body. This only happens at a large degree when your body needs the defensive enzymes. The color of the mucus tends to indicate the type of defensive enzymes being released. Green or yellow mucus may indicate sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, or at worst cystic fibrosis.

Other Colors
If you are coughing up other colored mucus like white, black, brown, red, or pink pay close attention to your medical history and consult a medical professional if you feel that there could be an underlying medical condition. Darker colored mucus can be an indicator of heart issues, fungal infections, lung abscess, tuberculosis or potentially just bronchitis. Proper identification of the health issues is important as it will determine the proper medical diagnosis and treatment. For simple allergic reactions or small infections, most mucus accompanying coughing can be handled from home. Symptom management is important for general welfare and daily comfort. Knowing what works for you will keep you effective and efficient in your daily routine.
Coughing Up Mucus
Self-Care Tips
Make sure you are taking the right steps at all times to ensure that your health is your first priority. If you are experiencing significant mucus issues take the appropriate steps at home to ensure the best care possible.

Elevate your head
Avoid irritants, fragrances, and other airborne particles
Continually drink clear fluids to stay hydrated
Stop smoking
Make your own homemade natural nasal spray or wash

How To Get Rid of Mucus
If you are trying to spit out all of that mucus you may have a hard time. Here are a few was to keep the mucus down and your air ducts dry.

Coughing Up MucusOTC Expectorants: Coughing meds that help dry up the mucus are common and readily available at your grocery store or pharmacy. They do an excellent job helping dry up the flehm.

Saltwater: Warm water mixed with salt can help loosen the mucus and dry up all of the edges and corners of your mouth, sinus, and throat.

Eucalyptus Oil: This oil is a common ingredient in some vapor rubs for breathing relief. It helps break up and loosen the mucus allowing it to flow more.

Home Humidifier: It might be counterintuitive but using a humidifier along with certain oils can keep thick mucus flowing so it doesn’t coagulate and clog up your nasal cavities.

Prescription Medications: If you need something more powerful consult a medical professional for a clearer solution to your specific health needs.

Foods That Help With Mucus
What we eat can affect how our body produces mucus. It is important to look not just at our general health but what we are eating to ensure that our bodies can stay healthy and fight off infections or allergies. Fruits and vegetables are going to be your go to foods for better body management of mucus. Here is a quick list of the top foods to focus on when you are feeling ill.

Leafy Greens

Coughing Up MucusIs A Doctor Needed?
Not only is it important to know what to do when you are sick, but also it is important to know when to go to a doctor. A medical professional can help you identify the issue and catch anything early. Proper diagnosis is the best path for proper solutions. If any of the following become issues you should make an appointment with your doctor for further information.

Mucus has been present for more than three weeks.
Mucus is getting thicker.
Mucus is changing color.
Other symptoms are present or getting worse.
You have chest pains.
You have shortness of breath.
Blood is in the mucus.

Totality Of The Circumstances
Your health is important. Your health is important to your friends, family, community, and to yourself. Always consider the entirety of the circumstances that surround your coughing to best understand what is going on and to determine what you should do. If you are worried or have further questions about your health or welfare reach out to a medical professional to learn more about your specific circumstances.